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Setup on Google Cloud - The easy way

Keep your data: the easy way

If you want to hold on to all your data instead of Qluster hosting the data for you, you can create a new project on Google Cloud. Then temporarily make Qluster the admin of the project. Once we set up the Postgres database and Google Cloud storage, you can take that access away from Qluster.

If you prefer to avoid making Qluster the owner, you can follow the instructions here to create the necessary resources yourself. Qluster's onboarding team follows the exact same instructions to set you up if you make Qluster the owner of your project.

Step 1: IAM

Go to the IAM page on your Google Cloud Console for the project you want Qluster to access. Then click on "GRANT ACCESS"

Step 2: Make Qluster the owner of the project

Add the email address provided by Qluster as the principal and choose "owner" as the role. Then click "save". That's it!

Step 3: Take away the owner role

Once the Qluster team sets up your account, you can remove the "owner" role.


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